Come listen…

Welcome to the Overheard blog! Here, you’ll find snippets of everyday conversations that we’ve overheard and found memorable, and which we want to share with you.

We are writers, mother and son, and our ears are always tuned to language. Wherever we are, we pick up bits and pieces of conversations that give us brief glimpses into human stories, sparking our imaginations.

We have no interest in exposing private conversations; rather we want to document and share words at large, fragments of public utterances that amuse, delight, surprise and captivate us. The photos that accompany the quotes on this site are provided for context only. They are never of the speaker. Likewise, we will not provide identifying details of any person whose words we overhear. The locations we provide are general, to orient the reader, not to expose the speaker.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the overheard words you find here. Maybe they’ll inspire you to listen more closely to the language around you. Our world is an increasingly noisy place, but if we listen closely, we just might hear each other.

Lili Flanders and Cole Cook

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