One Month!

The Overheard Blog is one month old! Thanks to each and every one of you (you few, you happy few) who have followed us over the past few weeks.  

We’d like to take this opportunity to extend special thanks to Erin Cook, for keeping her ears open in Oregon and sending us an overheard snippet, which we were happy to post. 

And now we’d like to invite the rest of you to contribute to The Overheard Blog. If you overhear some words that catch your fancy, email them to us at, and if they’re appropriate for our collection, we’ll happily post them. Please remember to include the location, but leave out any identifying details regarding the speakers. If you can send a photo along (not of the person talking, but of a related image) that would be swell; otherwise we’ll provide one. You’ll get a special mention on our website at the end of the month, which will make you feel world famous in an intimate, nonthreatening way.   

Happy listening, and thanks for reading.


Cole Cook & Lili Flanders


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